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Works of many prominent artists, both local and foreign, can be seen on the streets of the city. Some artists who stand out are the masters Rodrigo Arenas Betancur and Fernando Botero. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Medellín received many immigrants from Spain. Most Indigenous peoples died from the introduction of European diseases, and many of those who survived intermarried with early Spanish settlers, who were mostly men; later, Spanish women also began to immigrate. During the 19th and 20th centuries, immigrants arrived from Lebanon, Jordan, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Many people from Medellín are referred to as Paisas, people of mainly Spanish ancestry, a lot of them Basque.

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The CEDEZOs are found in the poorest areas of Medellín and support the poor in developing business by providing free-of-charge business support services and technical advice. The position of Medellín as an industrial city in Antioquia has been the main factor in overcoming its crisis of the 1980s and 1990s. The Medellín Metro, a massive urban transport service, became the pride of the city, and so far the only sign of the Medellín Master Plan of the 1950s. The construction of the Plaza Mayor of Medellín, an international center for congresses and expositions, was designed to showcase the globalized economy of Colombia to the world.

  • A typical regional dish is the bandeja paisa, meaning the “paisa platter”, which usually includes beans, rice, pork cracklings (or “chicharrón”), chorizo, a fried egg, patacónes, salad and avocado.
  • On that Sunday, the visitors were mainly families with small kids; in fact, it would make anyone feel like a small kid.
  • Nice lunch menu where you choose your main and sides along with rice.
  • The ‘Starbucks’ coffee culture is growing, with the most prominent brand being Juan Valdez coffee shops.
  • Only carry what you will need for the day, and always have enough hidden somewhere to get back to your hotel.
  • A special tribunal set up following a 2016 peace deal is working through thousands of cases.

Parque Lleras is interesting any night of the week although admittedly Thursday, Friday and Saturday are far more lively. There are places, mostly electronic music venues open till 6 or 7AM outside of the city limits as the laws forbid any bar to remain open after 3PM.

The village is known for being the birthplace of Hernán Cortés. The Spanish Medellín, in turn, was originally called “Metellinum” and was named after the Roman General Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius in 75 BC who founded the village as a military base. Location of the city and municipality of Medellín in the Antioquia Department. There is no consulate for Canada, China, Indonesia or the United States of America in Medellín, but each has a national embassy in Bogotá.

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The Library Network includes all of Medellín’s library parks, as well as other regional libraries, such as the Public Pilot Library and the EPM Library. The main objective of these projects is to fight inequity and exclusion. The neighborhoods with the biggest inequity and violence issues are identified and important investments are made in them. The outcomes will depend on what the neighborhood decides supported by the inclusion of the expertise of city organizations. The projects will have to incorporate all the elements needed to foster development and will be executed simultaneously to assure the biggest impact. Its economy is led by a powerful group of people from the private sector known as the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño . The group was formerly known as the Sindicato Antioqueño but after being mistaken abroad for a labor union, which hampered its international growth for many years, a new formal name was chosen.

Education and culture as priorities that guide programs and projects. The Integrated Metropolitan Transport System must be used as the organizing axis of mobility and projects in the city. All projects have to be directly linked to the main transport system. Urban projects must simultaneously integrate physical, cultural and social components; improving not only places but also the life and interactions of people in the communities. The indicators of human development and quality of life will guide the public investment, focusing on first serving the ones in the biggest need.

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The menu offers a combination of local food, some organic choices and all plates are well presented. Outside the restaurant there is a little garden with herbs and aromatic plants. Large shopping area with nearby hotels and restaurants. As of April 2016 visitors from most western countries are allowed to travel in 90 days without applying for visa. For working visas, have a look at the official site about the topic. Do a visit to an old Cemetery where former presidents and beautiful sculpted graveyards are found. The Parque de Boston is an attractive area that leads down to the main promenade La Playa where people can be found gathering at night to see street acts.

Medellín is now considered safer than the US cities of Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit and New Orleans, which appear in the CCSPJP’s top 50 list. Despite the importance of gold production in the early development of Medellín, the export of coffee contributed the most impetus in the 20th century for the city’s growth. Trade grew to international dimensions as the main export of Colombia became coffee. The industrial and commercial dynamism of Medellín also created a caste of traders and entrepreneurs, who founded the first nationwide industries in Colombia. In the first half of the twentieth century, the population of Medellín increased sixfold, from 59,815 inhabitants in 1905 to 358,189 in 1951. The Thousand Days War (1899–1902) stopped the industrial development of the city, although the civil war did not affect the region directly. Under reforms by President Rafael Reyes after the conflict, the city continued its industrial development and founded a Chamber of commerce.

It is strongly recommended to use the exact change on taxis, because the drivers rarely have the exact amount. US dollars and euros are rarely used, except for tourist oriented stores.

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In February 2013, the Urban Land Institute chose Medellín as the most innovative city in the world due to its recent advances in politics, education, and social development. In the same year, Medellín won the Verónica Rudge Urbanism Award conferred by Harvard University to the Urban Development Enterprise, mainly due to the North-Western Integral Development Project in the city. In September 2013, the United Nations ratified Colombia’s petition to host UN-Habitat’s 7th World Urban Forum in Medellín, from April 5–11, 2014. In 2016, Medellín won the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize. The award seeks to recognize and celebrate efforts in furthering innovation in urban solutions and sustainable urban development. Santa Fe de Antioquia, a tropical town with beautiful colonial architecture. An annual film festival draws the national elite and cinema lovers to this charming spot.

Altitude is generally not a problem for foreigners since Medellín is approximately 1,500 m above sea-level . However, some who reside at or around sea-level may experience some minor effects their first night. If this is the case, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol on the way there and on the first night. Many people sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the small-time vendors selling anything from fruit, ice cream, cigarettes, lottery tickets, cell phone chargers, trinkets, to hats. However, a simple “no, gracias” will deter them from bothering you. 65 rooms, standard rooms, junior rooms and suites, all equipped with air-conditioning, mini-bar and Wi-Fi access.

Line K begins at Acevedo Station on Metro Line A, and continues uphill, ending at Santo Domingo Savio. Line J begins at San Javier Station on Metro Line B, and continues uphill to La Aurora. Line L does not serve communal areas, rather, it is a tourist-oriented line which is connected to Arví Park and is part of a social project to bring retreats and nature to the masses. Colombia has become Latin America’s largest user of such complementary transportation service throughout the country.


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