50. Maria: This term of Latin beginning is extremely preferred in Ukraine, and means ‘of the sea, or bitter’.

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  • 50. Maria: This term of Latin beginning is extremely preferred in Ukraine, and means ‘of the sea, or bitter’.

50. Maria: This term of Latin beginning is extremely preferred in Ukraine, and means ‘of the sea, or bitter’.

51. Marta: With Roman and Hebrew beginnings, this beautiful term ways ‘the lady’.

52. Milena: Of Slavic origins, meaning ‘gracious’ or ‘dear’.

53. Natalka: The Ukrainian kind of Natalie, sufficient reason for Latin roots – this name implies ‘the beginning day’s god’.

54. Nikolina: This identity implies ‘victorious everyone’.

55. Nyura: A Ukrainian name definition elegant, in addition made use of mainly in Russian lifestyle. Pronounced ‘ny-ura’.

56. Olga: a well known identity in Ukraine produced by Scandinavia, indicating ‘blessed’.

57. Polina: popular in Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, and Polish community, this identity suggests ‘humble’ or ‘little material’.

58. Ruslana: This Slavic feminine considering term suggests ‘lion’.

59. Sofia: Based on the Greek label Sophia, this term ways ‘wisdom’.

60. Solomia: Originally based on Greek, the Ukrainian name indicates ‘peace’.

61. Veronika: The Ukrainian type of Veronica, it indicates ‘to push triumph’.

62. Vesna: produced by title of an ancient Slavic goddess, this means ‘Spring’.

63. Viktoria: This common title indicates ‘victory’.

64. Yana: With Ukrainian and Russian roots, this identity ways ‘gift of goodness’.

65. Yaryna: a charming Ukrainian female name which means ‘peaceful’. Pronounced ‘yah-rih-nah’.

66. Yeva: The Ukrainian type title Eve, this means ‘to breathe’. Its pronounced ‘yeh-vah’.

67. Yulia: a kind of title Julia, it indicates ‘youthful’.

68. Xristina: with unique Greek root, this title suggests ‘a follower of Christ’.

69. Zoryana: a charming and special name meaning ‘break of dawn’ or ‘star’.

70. Zhadana: A lovely term this means ‘desirable’.

Ukrainian Lady Brands That Are Trendy Overseas. Examine several of those lovely Ukrainian girls labels!

There are plenty of feminine Ukrainian names being well-known both here, and over the remaining globe. So, whether you’re from Ukraine or simply love their brands – this is the listing obtainable.

71. spdate sign up Aleksandra: A Ukrainian type title Alexandra, this means ‘defender of man’.

72. Alina: Of Slavic origins, title Alina suggests ‘bright’, or ‘beautiful’.

73. Dasha: This name’s furthermore commonly used as a Russian nickname, it indicates ‘gift of God’.

74. Elena: an attractive elegant label definition ‘bright’ or ‘shining lighter’.

75. Ekaterina: Originally of Russian lineage, this popular term implies ‘pure’.

76. Ionna: In Ukrainian lifestyle, this identity ways ‘God’s surprise’.

77. Irina: an attractive name derived from Greek, it means ‘peace’.

78. Ivanna: A name popular amongst Ukrainian and Russian individuals, this means ‘goodness was gracious’.

79. Katya: popular in Slavic countries, this identity ways ‘pure’.

80. Lera: a kind of the name Valeria, this 1 suggests ‘strength’ or ‘health’.

81. Lilya: A gorgeous identity indicating the rose ‘lily’ – and the Ukrainian kind of the name Lily.

82. Mila: This well-known Slavic title indicates ‘dear’, or ‘gracious’.

83. Nastya: a variety of this title Anastasia, this name provides Greek beginnings and implies ‘resurrection. Pronounced ‘na-styuh’.

84. Natali: Generally provided to those born on xmas day, in addition, it indicates ‘xmas’.

85. Sasha: a good term that implies ‘defender of guy’.

86. Stefania: frequent among Slavic region, this name is produced by Greek and implies ‘crowned’.

87. Taisiya: A Ukrainian and Russian kind of title of Saint Thais. Pronounced ‘tuh-ee-sih-yuh’.

88. Ulyana: Preferred amongst many Slavic countries, this title ways ‘youthful’.

89. Valentyna: a kind of the name Valentina, it means ‘strong’.

90. Valeriya: a beautiful identity meaning ‘to end up being healthier’, or ‘to feel powerful’.

91. Zoya: a female Ukrainian and Russian title definition ‘life’.

Names Of Known Ladies In Ukraine

A lot of mothers choose to base their children’s names after famous people that they lookup to, and fortunately these adorable Ukrainian woman labels all healthy that listing!

92. Alyona: mothers may want to mention their particular daughter following Ukrainian tennis pro Alyona Bondarenko – title which means ‘light’. It is pronounced ‘uhl-yoo-nuh’.

93. Galina: desirable Ukrainian figure skater Galina Efremenko can provide you some term motivation. The name means ‘calm’.

94. Golda: Golda Meir grew up in Ukraine and went on becoming best minister in Israel – a good elegant figure. The woman title means ‘gold’.

95. Inessa: Inessa Kravets are a Ukrainian Olympic athlete, the girl name implies ‘chaste’.

96. Karina: A Ukrainian created performer, Karina Smirnoff’s label suggests ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’.

97. Ludmila: Ludmila Gurchenko ended up being a favorite celebrity. This lady label means ‘loved by the someone’. Really pronounced ‘lood-mi-luh’.

98. Mila: you are surprised to discover that greatest ‘American’ celebrity Mila Kunis is from Ukraine. Their term means ‘dear’.

99. Milla: design, singer, celebrity, and designer – the Ukrainian-born Milla Jovovich’s identity ways ‘gracious’.

100. Ulyana: known ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina have an attractive label, which means ‘youthful’. It’s pronounced ‘oo-lee-a-nuh’.

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