Relationships is a key part of Elnea empire

Relationships is a key part of Elnea empire

In the beginning, you start with at the most 52 pal slots on your friend listing. Should you decide befriend anymore men and women after hitting 52, earlier buddies that you have small interacting with each other with are going to be replaced. You’ve got the solution to add more friend slot machines. The max many slots you can add is 102. (It is vital that you buy additional slot machines with jewels.)

Creating a Relationship

The greater number of your consult with folks, the greater buddies could being. Providing your pals merchandise, foods, and formulation for cooking, along with talking to all of them, asking these to join your in Dungeons or sparring, inviting all of them angling or meeting, and completing any quests they could offering can cause your own friendship to cultivate.

A Gifting Friends

To gift a friend, select a gift-able items from the case (meals, elements, gift ideas) and speak with the friend you’d like to gift. Among the three selection will be, based what you are giving, and choosing them will enable you giving them the item. Sporadically, they may reject your own gifts, you can offering all of them a gift again until they recognize.

Making Friends

So as to make friends, consult with any NPC over repeatedly and rehearse different dialogue solutions; Small Talk twice, and also the ‘Ask becoming Friend’ alternative should come up. Repeat and solution of ‘consult getting buddies’ may come right up also. To query the other is your spouse or even to feel Dear company, you’re going to have to need Small Talk much more. In the course of time, it is possible to ask getting family. However, they may not concur in the beginning. Some NPCs can be tougher to befriend, with respect to the compatibility of your own identity and their individuality. (personality compatibility has not many verification examples, so the degree of truth or falsehood of your principle is unknown).

In addition, NPCs also can ask you to become pals also if you are an associate of theirs. You have the option to either befriend all of them or refuse.

When you’ve got being company with anybody, it’s likely that they can means you during the day and communicate with your. They may request you to gather or fish with these people, spar together with them (in which you is certainly going to a Parade Battlegrounds/Royal Arena with each other and combat, which spending 60 bea and 120 bea correspondingly), or check out a dungeon together with them. They might also speak to you typically, using the ‘make small-talk’ or ‘greetings’ discussion, or they could present products and foodstuff, and gives to provide you with fragrance that may leave you smelling good (showed by flower icons near you).


After getting pals using chosen person, you might carry on talking-to all of them before you have the option to ask them to become closer.

Buddies will approach your. That from the opposite gender will also be very likely to approach one to ask if you’d like to run somewhere by yourself, which generally implies they would like to ask you to answer . If you do not have actually someone, you’ll be able to accept their unique confession or deny them. Really encouraged as cautious about whom your lover was, as you’re able merely break up together utilizing an Unripe fresh fruit, which might simply be acquired by buying it with jewels or Zircon gravel. Any time you currently have someone, you certainly will automatically reject all of them.

Dear Friends

After talking-to a close buddy continuously and ask them to most tasks, you and someone else of the same sex can become beloved pals. Beloved buddies can receive one another to consume in the tavern. Precious buddies will also address your very often and ask for eating during the Tavern, so long as they do not have an event for a passing fancy day.

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