Chakotay asks her if she hated gardening along with camping when she are a child

Chakotay asks her if she hated gardening along with camping when she are a child

To your The fresh new Environment, Janeway was planting Talaxian tomatoes whenever Chakotay is released to ask the woman for an opinion towards a yacht the guy arrangements towards the building. She reveals your brand new tomato plant life. She says yes, “Whom wanted to become mucking on the about mud whenever we would be training quantum auto mechanics? However, I’ve found they very rewarding today…” They’re going inside to look at the plans towards watercraft, and listen to a beneficial com code out of Voyager. Tuvok, through the com hook up, claims they have the new medication needed seriously to beat the standing onboard and certainly will arrive in 30 days.

They pack everything upwards. Brand new primate appears, and you will Janeway states goodbye, advising it feeling absolve to play with their cover.

On-board Voyager, Tuvok teaches you what happened and you may apologizes for disobeying her requests. Janeway grins and you will says, “Easily don’t learn you most readily useful, I’d say the decision is actually almost… emotional.” She thanks a lot the brand new staff and then she and you can Chakotay mention ship’s reputation, into their official opportunities because the head and very first administrator. Janeway requests Paris to go out of from the warp 8.

Log entries

  • “Kathryn Janeway’s personal log, Stardate 49690.step one. Go out twenty-four of one’s stay on globally we’ve entitled The Environment. As yet I’ve been unable to make any improvements in finding expect our very own problems, but a soak from the bathtub Chakotay based always assists me work with you can easily selection.”
  • “Pretending Captain’s journal, supplemental. Just after six weeks, the decision to hop out Chief Janeway while the Basic Officer trailing nevertheless seems to weigh heavily on the staff.”
  • “Captain’s journal, Stardate 49694.dos. You will find called the brand new Vidiian convoy that have guaranteeing performance. He has got guaranteed to speak with Doctor Denara Pel and inquire in the event that she’s going to allow us to.”

Memorable prices

“I am not sure I can ‘define parameters’. However, I could reveal a narrative, an ancient legend certainly my personal anybody. It’s about a mad warrior exactly who lived his existence incompatible with the rest of his group. A person exactly who didn’t pick tranquility, even after the assistance of his soul publication. Consistently he struggled together with his discontent. The sole pleasure the guy ever before had showed up as he was in battle. Which produced your a champion certainly one of his tribe, but the warrior nevertheless longed for tranquility within themselves. One-day, the guy and his battle party had been caught by the a nearby tribe added by a lady warrior. She entitled into him to become listed on their as the their tribe try too small and you can poor to guard itself off the its enemies. The lady warrior are fearless, and delightful. And incredibly smart. New frustrated warrior swore so you’re able to himself which he do stay by the her top, undertaking whatever he could to make her burden lighter. In the future, the girl demands would already been earliest. And in chicas rusas cerca de mí like that, this new warrior began to understand the true-meaning out-of peace. ” “Would be the fact really an ancient legend?” “Zero… however, you to definitely managed to make it better to state.”

Back to the Voyager inside the technologies, Torres is actually harshly critiquing Ensign Swinn toward a report, advising the new ensign so it reads think its great try authored by a first season Starfleet Academy cadet, there are various problems, and is also incomplete. The fresh new ensign tries to guard herself from the claiming she’s got come a little sidetracked. Torres says that is no justification and you may dismisses Swinn. Kim tips and you can defends the latest ensign, proclaiming that we have all been a small sidetracked by the current occurrences. Torres replies you to definitely because their state can’t be altered, the best thing to complete would be to “take a deep breath and you may move forward.” Kim try distressed because of the Torres’ terminology and you will strolls away.

Tuvok and Kes go to the connection where regarding the twelve team users is actually put together, plus Kim, Paris, Torres, and you may Neelix. Tuvok states that no-one can appreciate the brand new burdens from command up to they drops on them. “I do believe one to as a whole it shows wrong leadership getting led from the thinking of an effective distraught staff. But not, while the chief, I must perhaps not disregard the sensibilities of them I order.” He tells him or her he’s got decided to place a program to have the fresh new Vidiian convoy. The guy takes complete obligation for the decision and you may absolves the crew regarding one consequences to own neglecting to obey Janeway’s requests.

Men really works their opportunities. Because the Voyager actions aside, the newest rush disables the brand new Vidiian vessels. Within warp six, Voyager minds back once again to The newest World.

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